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We Contribute To Machine Learning With Annotated Data

Image Annotation Service

Livewire has been occupied with Automation, Artifical Intelligence, Machine Learning and Application Development over different stages for different enterprises.we transform large volumes of unstructured data into an input for machine learning in the right format, with the highest accuracy and quality.

We have assisted clients optimize their models for artificial intelligence which is based on human interpretation of scenarios by annotating large datasets which include images with precision. The use cases for our services mainly involve training and validation for autonomous driving and Advanced Driver Assisted Systems or ADAS

We annotate and tag various types and size of images with precise capturing tools converting the images recognizable for machines or computer vision. We are using the most powerful tools and techniques for annotating and tagging the images from different fields providing the training data solution for machine learning in various sub fields. We provide image annotation and tagging for machine learning and AI based companies seeking such data sets with best accuracy.

Our annotated and tagged images helps machines easily recognize the data object through the dimension and outlined boxes feeding the data for future reference while recognizing similar objects. Utilize the annotation requirements and we will give you the most satisfying outputs using the various resources for annotations like bounding boxes and other popular methods as per the object types and usability. We are offering the best image annotation outsourcing while ensuring the reasonable pricing.

annotation and labelling companies in banglore

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